Floor Toys

Stimulating toys for cats to bat and chase on the floor.  Dozens of textures, shapes, colors, and sizes

  • Plastic ball, wheels, etc with bells
  • Furry mice
  • Mylar balls
  • Catnip Socks and pillows
  • Plastic jacks, twists, and curly q's
  • Fabric balls with and without mylar streamers
  • Sisal & other natural material toys in multiple shapes
  • Honeysuckle cloth animals
  • Latex squeaky animals
  • Etc.

Teaser Toys

Interactive 'wand' type toys

  • Hand held wands with feathers or toys on the teaser end
  • Clamps that hang from doorways  or door knobs with toys attached to springy elastic string or wire
  • Hand held wands with a long stretchy material teaser attached


Cat Nip

  • Dried Leaf packages in multiple sizes
  • Sprays to rejuvenate the catnip appeal of toys
  • Live Cat Grass includes multiple greens that are great for cat digestion and the safe alternative to house plants
  • Other cat stimulators like silver vine and honey suckle to add to toys and treats


Packaged Treats from:

  • ProPac
  • VitaKraft
  • Hagen 
  • And More

Cat Litter

  • Clay (Non clumping, unscented)
  • World's Best Cat Litter
  • Precious Cat Clumping Multicat


Cat Litter Box

  • Standard uncover small 14" to Giant 22" long
  • Top Entry to keep Canine pals out
  • Corner in 2 sizes
  • Hi Back in two sizes
  • Covered in 2-3 sizes
  • Litter Scoops plastic or metal


Scratching Posts

  • Carpet
    • 14" - 36" tall with and without toys
  • Sisal and carpet
    • 18" - 36" tall with and without toys
  • Cardboard floor scratchers
    • 19" by 4.5" or 9.5"
    • Center replacements for roller ball rings
  • Cloth and Crinkle Play Tunnels (singles & doubles)

Cat Furniture

We buy pieces when the price is right to pass on to you.  Pieces will be anything from 24" to 72" tall.  Each piece will consist of a combination of fabrics and textures including carpet, sisal, wood, bamboo, etc.  In addition each piece will have a combination of scratching posts, lounging shelves and hidey compartments as well as a multitude of colors and patterns.  Some pieces come assembled and some have assembly required. Check out what is in the store and feel free to come in and special order a pieces at a great price. 



  • Break-a-way w/a bell
    • Available in two adjustable sizes for cats and kittens with necks under 8" or 8" to 12"
    • Available in solid color, dozens of patterns, reflective, or sparkly textured on a durable nylon base
  • Safety Stretch w/ a bell
    • 8" to 12"
    • Nylon or vinyl
    • Solid colored, patterned, or with adornments



  • Standard H Style with neck and girth strap
    • Adjustable neck and girth with buckles
    • Nylon in solid colors or patterns
  • Figure 8
    • Adjustable neck and girth strap with a single buckle
    • Top center 'saddle' piece for leash attachment
  • Bring your kitty in an we will help get them fit to the proper size and style


Flea Products

  • Spray
    • Natural Chemistry or Adams
  • Spot On
    • Adventure Plus 4 month treatment
  • Seresto 8 month Collar
  • Shampoo
    • Biogroom or Adams
  • Biogroom Dip
  • Capstar  24 hour Pills


  • Shampoo
    • Tropiclean or Lambert Kay products
    • Waterless bath spray Natural Chemistry
    • Waterless bath powder Fourpaws
  • Hair Brush & Comb
    • Slicker, Metal Combs, Shedding Blades, Furminator, Dematting combs, Mat Splitters, Etc
    • Self grooming wall brush
  • Nail Trimmers
    • Scissor or guillotine style

Carrying Cages

We carry a small selection of small to medium plastic crates to safely transport your cat.  In addition we frequently stock  cat condo cages and airline approved soft sided carriers