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Veiled Chameleon

Description:  1-Female about 10 months

Price: $ 80.98 ea

Habitat:  Semi-tropical for veiled and fully tropical for graceful with moisture retaining substrate (reptibark, cocohusk, moss, etc.), Lots of climbing and hiding branches, vines, and plants.  10-12 hours of UVB light needed. Temp 85-95 F. Regular misting for drinking droplets, and humidity.
Food: Calcium/vitamin coated gut-loaded crickets and other insects 
F.Y.I.:  Male is completely set up in an 18" x 18" x 24" cage with lighting, climbing vines, branches, plants, 3-D back ground, water dish, and ZooMed fogger for $ 350.00  

Yellow Striped Basklisk

Prices: Sold Out 

Habitat: Tropical with a large water tub or an aquatic area to the terrarium. Lots of hidey plants, vines, limbs, and caves. Frequent misting or a fogger is a must.  Gravel or a large bark bedding help to keep the bedding from being tracked into the water tub. 
Food: Calcium and vitamin coated crickets, mealworms, and other size appropriate insects (superworms for adults), and diced veggies like kale, bok choy, carrots, and fruits.  Adults will also eat baby mice.
F.Y.I.:  At full growth with the tail, these lizards reach about 2 foot, so a 40 breeder or larger will be necessary as a long term habitat.  U.V.B and heat are essential to maintain good health.    

Golden Geckos

Price: $ 14.98 ea

Descriptions: body 5-6", great climbers, hardy, no-handle terrarium habitat


Habitat: 10-20 gal with moderate to high humidity tropical environment with climbing and hidey terrarium 'furniture', a shallow water dish of moderate size. Temp 72-85F. UVB is best for long term health

Food: Calcium/vitamin coated crickets and other insects, commercial diets from ZooMed or Rapashy. Mist regularly for drinking droplets
F.Y.I.:  Gold geckos are not easy to handle, however they make great terrarium-mates with White lip or Dumpy Frogs, Salamanders, and other similar lizards and amphibians  

Chinese Water Dragon



Habitat:  Tropical w/ high humidity and 75 to 88 degree temperature.  U.V.B. light essential.  A large soaking tub with regularly cleaned water. Climbing and basking branches, rocks, and artificial plants as well as humidity loving live plants will make them happy and healthy. Adults will need an enclosure that has a foot print of 4' x 2'

Food: Vitamin and calcium coated crickets, mealworms, superworms, night crawlers and fish in the water tub

F.Y.I.  We are handling these 'guys' regularly to maintain good temperament as they grow.  Humidity and temperature are essential to maintain good eating habits. Can occasionally be housed with basklisks if the area is large enough with enough 'funiture' to break up territory lines


Leopard Gecko
Habitat: Semi-desert with calcium sand or turf substrate.  Water dish, hidey caves, and exercise furniture are a must.  Nocturnal so no UV light needed.  Day and night heat to maintain temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees for day and night.

Food &

Calcium/Vitamin crickets & mealworms Water dish for drinking and babies need to be dipped in the water daily to prevent dehydration                         


F.Y.I.:  A single leopard gecko baby will do well in a 10 gallon tank set-up, however, and adult should be kept in a 20L and if you are trying to keep more than 1 lizard in the habitat, at least a 30 gallon tank will be needed

Green & Bahaman Anole

Habitat: Moderate to low humidity, 75-85 degree F, UVB for long tern care, Substrate can vary from gravel, to reptile bark to coco husk, Need climbing limbs, plants, and hidey hole




Vitamin/Calcium coated small insects such as brown crickets

Mist frequently for humidity and to give the lizards water droplets to drink




Both of these lizards cohabitat well with red belly toads, green tree frogs, and other small semitropical reptiles and amphibians


Crested Gecko

   Bearded Dragon

Description: 2--Juveniles

Price: $ 49.98 ea 


Price: SOLD OUT  


Habitat: Semi-tropical with lots of vines and branches for climbing and hiding.  Water dish for some drinking and soaking.  Must be misted 3-5 times daily.  They prefer a tall tank to a long tank, are nocturnal so no UV B light is needed.  Temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees F.

Food & Water: Crickets calcium coated and/or commercial diets like ZooMed or Rapashy. Spray 3-5 times per day to create water droplets for the lizards to lick 

Habitat: Desert with low humidity, climbing logs, and a basking area of 105 F.  UVB light is a necessity! Babies need to be on carpet or calci-sand only. Babies also need to be set in the water dish several times per day to keep from dehydrating  

Food: Crickets & other insects dusted with vitamin and calcium powder, commercial beareded dragon food (nature zone cubes are the favorite), and diced veggies particularly dark geen leafy veggies like kale, arugala, etc.

F.Y.I. Daily, short periods of hadling will keep your bearded dragon tame as it grows. We have 20L set-up kits starting at $139.98


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