Under The Gupton's Big Top

Veiled Chameleon

Description:  1-Adult Male  3-Babies (sex unknown)

Price: Male $ 99.98  Babies $ 49.98 ea

Habitat:  Semi-tropical with moisture retaining substrate (reptibark, cocohusk, moss, etc.), Lots of climbing and hiding branches, vines, and plants.  10-12 hours of UVB light needed. Temp 85-95 F. Regular misting for drinking droplets, and humidity.
Food: Calcium/vitamin coated gut-loaded crickets and other insects 
F.Y.I.:  Male is completely set up in an 18" x 18" x 24" cage with lighting, climbing vines, branches, plants, 3-D back ground, water dish, and ZooMed fogger for $ 350.00  

Yellow Striped Basklisk

Prices: $ 17.98 ea

Habitat: Tropical with a large water tub or an aquatic area to the terrarium. Lots of hidey plants, vines, limbs, and caves. Frequent misting or a fogger is a must.  Gravel or a large bark bedding help to keep the bedding from being tracked into the water tub. 
Food: Calcium and vitamin coated crickets, mealworms, and other size appropriate insects (superworms for adults), and diced veggies like kale, bok choy, carrots, and fruits.  Adults will also eat baby mice.
F.Y.I.:  At full growth with the tail, these lizards reach about 2 foot, so a 40 breeder or larger will be necessary as a long term habitat.  U.V.B and heat are essential to maintain good health.    

Golden Geckos

Price: $ 15.19 ea

Descriptions: body 5-6", great climbers, hardy, no-handle terrarium habitat


Habitat: 10-20 gal with moderate to high humidity tropical environment with climbing and hidey terrarium 'furniture', a shallow water dish of moderate size. Temp 72-85F. UVB is best for long term health

Food: Calcium/vitamin coated crickets and other insects, commercial diets from ZooMed or Rapashy. Mist regularly for drinking droplets
F.Y.I.:  Gold geckos are not easy to handle, however they make great terrarium-mates with White lip or Dumpy Frogs, Salamanders, and other similar lizards and amphibians  

Bahaman Anoles

Green Shown Here

Price: $ 6.98 ea 

Description: 3-4", Green--green when happy and brown when not; Brown--various shades of brown with a diamond shaped lighter colored pattern on the back; Females slightly larger than males and males have a purplish dulap

Habitat:  Tropical w/ high humidity and 75 to 85 degree temperature.  U.V. light for healthiest long term care

Food: Small crickets; perhaps
    small mealworms

F.Y.I.  Anoles will cohabitat well with green treefrogs, house geckos, and fire belly toads.  Lots of hanging branches and leaves will create a habitat in which several anoles will live without fighting.  Remember anoles need high humidity and water droplets to drink, so daily misting is a must.


Leopard Gecko
Habitat: Semi-desert with calcium sand or turf substrate.  Water dish, hidey caves, and exercise furniture are a must.  Nocturnal so no UV light needed.  Day and night heat to maintain temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees for day and night.

Food &

Calcium/Vitamin crickets & mealworms Water dish for drinking and babies need to be dipped in the water daily to prevent dehydration                         

$ 39.19

F.Y.I.:  A single leopard gecko baby will do well in a 10 gallon tank set-up, however, and adult should be kept in a 20L and if you are trying to keep more than 1 lizard in the habitat, at least a 30 gallon tank will be needed

Long Tail

Habitat: Moderate to low humidity, 75-85 degree F, UVB for long tern care, Substrate can vary from gravel, to reptile bark to coco husk, Need climbing limbs, plants, and hidey hole




Vitamin/Calcium coated small insects such as brown crickets


Long tail $ 9.98 ea

Plateau SOLD OUT


Long tail lizards: Size 4" body with 6-10" tail--Pictured here

Plateau Lizards: Size 3" body with 3-4" tail, flat triangular shaped head with a rough scaled body, dark brown w/Cream belly


Cuban Knight Anole 

   Crested Gecko

Description: Green & Yellow with blueish highlight tones--12-14" with tail

Price: $ 25.98  

Description: 3 slightly different colors brown, yellow, & orange body base color; Too young to sex, very easy to handle-rarely if ever bite

Price: $ 65.98 ea 


Habitat: Substrate that retains moisture with moderate to high humidity, temperature 80-90F. Basking rocks and limbs with hidey vines.  Water dish and misting for drinking. Mist frequently to maintain humidity UVB necessary for long term health.

Food: Crickets & other large insects dusted with vitamin powder 

Habitat: Semi tropical with bark or coco husk substrate; Temp 72-82 F; Lots of hidey vines, plants, & branches; Nocturnal so no UV light is necessary; Mist for drinking droplets; Water dish for drinking too;Taller rather than longer habitats are prefered. Complete crested gecko kits start at $ 89.98  

Food: Crickets & other small insects dusted with vitamin powder and commercial crested gecko powder food that is mixed with water

F.Y.I. Crested are a very gentle natured lizard, so they are very easy to handle. They also have simple environmental requirements compared to most other easy to handle reptiles


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